How it works

Making A Claim

Making a claim with couldn't be any easier. Once you have entered your flight details, we do everything else for you including our solicitors taking the case to court if needed and we will pay all court fees on your behalf with no cost to you. We will check that your claim is eligible for flight compensation under the EU Regulation 261/2004, negotiate the claim with the airline on your behalf and send the settlement directly to you.

EU Regulation 261/2004

Legislation states that if, within the last 6 years, you experience a delayed, overbooked, cancelled or re-routed flight causing you to arrive later than 3 hours after the original arrival time, you are entitled to compensation. The flight needs to have departed from an EU airport, or arrived at an EU airport using an EU carrier. For flights that are within the EU, you are eligible to claim €250 / £210 if the flight distance was 1,500km and €400 / £340 if the flight distance exceeded 1,500km. If the flight was between an EU and a non-EU airport, you are able to claim up to €600 / £510 if the flight distance exceeded 3,500km. The final compensation amount in GBP is converted from the EURO amount and depends on the exchange rate from the day of the flight.